For years, Apple and developers have made billions of dollars from games in the App Store, although Apple has not done much in terms of promotion to make this happen. However, it appears that s on the verge of changing, especially with the rumors that the company is about to become more devoted in the games business.

VentureBeat reports that Apple has launched a new devoted Twitter account (under the name @AppStoreGames) with the primary purpose of sharing new information about games with its consumers, including new releases that join the store, as well as deals on popular titles. The posts are put together by Apple s App Store editors, the same team responsible for choosing the Featured Apps that are highlighted on the store itself.

Although there haven t been too many tweets on the account just yet, it has made some interesting references, including shared promotions with certain mobile developers, as well as a nod to the classic Legend of Zelda series.

While this bodes well for consumers buying games for their mobile devices in Apple s App Store, there could be bigger tie-ins with the account as well. The company has scheduled an event next week, where rumors say it could be introducing a new Apple TV that finally allows an App Store, which means Apple TV will become a game-playing console — with potentially thousands of developers racing to add games for the device.

Considering that mobile gaming currently sits at a whopping $30 billion in annual revenue, it would be no surprise that Apple wants to get further into the market, offering console-like experiences through the convenience of a small device, complete with Bluetooth controller support. The Twitter account is an indication that Apple is taking gaming more seriously, which is quite reasonable considering games account for more than 80 percent of the $10 billion in revenue the App Store brought in during 2014. That amount is only rising this year, and perhaps by a considerable amount if the new Apple TV adds games to its capabilities.

We ll have to wait until next week to see what Apple s big picture on gaming is. For now, definitely give the @AppStoreGames account a follow. It looks like it ll definitely dial in with the right crowd.