YouTube has managed to carve a niche in the online video business over the past few years, with hundreds of thousands of viewers sharing their two cents and some dedicated business partners, like Freddie Wong and Geek and Sundry, even creating some stellar channels in the process. Now, the company has launched a bold new initiative to help would-be digital pioneers – a creative space in Los Angeles.

YouTube Space L.A. is a 41,000 square foot facility where creators can visit to shoot, edit and screen their videos with other members of the online community. It’s a place where they can get together to discuss the aspects of production, trade business info and just plain get to know each other – which is quite a novel idea. Liam Collins, who heads up the space, explained that YouTube was looking for a place to gain great presence in L.A. years ago, and eventually settled on creating the kind of sound stage base – in a former helicopter factory, no less – to put it together.