Even with its somewhat cool name, 20th Century Fox’s Ice Age seems to be one of the hottest properties around. Not only has Zynga produced the new mobile match three puzzle game Arctic Blast for players to enjoy, but now Bazooka Candy Brands is on board with the franchise.

The company has announced a partnership with the movie studio and Blue Sky Studios that will feature promotion across mainstream media, including a new Collision Course-themed ad, retail merchandising for Bazooka products and an online campaign that features tie-ins with yet another Ice Age game, Candy Collision, which is now available on Bazooka’s Candymania site.

In the game, players will choose from one of several Ice Age characters—Manny, Sid, Buck or Shangri Llama—as they attempt to stop meteors from crashing into the ground, using a number of Bazooka’s products, like the Ring Pop, to push them back.

“20th Century Fox is excited to once again be partnering with Bazooka Candy Brands for our iconic Ice Age movies,” said Zachary Eller, senior vice president of marketing partnerships for the studio. “We think the promotional concept and the incredible retail activation makes this a very fun way to bring Ice Age to life with families this summer!”

In addition to the release of Candy Collision, Bazooka will feature Ice Age characters on a number of its products, as well as promotional standees. “We are thrilled about the launch of Ice Age: Collision Course and to partner with 20th Century Fox once again,” noted Nicole Rivera, marketing director for North America Confections. “They have always been a great partner to work with. The fun and family-friendly nature of the characters in the franchise is a natural fit for Bazooka Candy Brands.”

It’s an effective way to promote the film and put familiar characters into candy stores for families to enjoy. So far, it seems to be rather effective, as Collision Course has already earned $210 million in worldwide box office.