The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to rethink their entire marketing approach but many lack the necessary data to improve responsiveness. To help businesses adjust strategies accordingly, the CMO Council is offering discounted access to its online decision support center and research library for $95 a year. 

Using the code SPRING2020, struggling businesses can tap into The CMO Library for unlimited access to peer-based knowledge and real-time market data.

Recent research from the CMO Council shows that marketers have been side-swiped by the coronavirus crisis and are looking for response ideas and customer engagement solutions. The findings show 84 percent of global marketers expect the pandemic will multiply business disruption globally and 90 percent expect to make changes to their marketing plans.

These businesses are hoping to find solutions from others who have overcome previous market upheavals as many lack the foresight to navigate marketing in the age of the coronavirus. 

According to the CMO Council’s data, 66 percent of marketers said they don’t have enough real-time visibility and insight into the pandemic’s impact across demand and supply chains. Additionally, two-thirds are dissatisfied with the quality, timeliness and usefulness of the decision support data currently out there.

Upgrading to the Library subscription will automatically convert current CMO Council members to a premium membership.