Racing Rivals, the street racing game from Glu Mobile, kicked things up another gear recently with a new update that brought near console-quality graphics to the mobile game. The update also included six updated tracks (Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Rio, and London) and some hot additions to its collection of over 250 licensed cars. These included a Halloween celebration where three Hot Wheels-inspired vehicles (Bone Shaker, Twin Mill and Rip Rod) were included. However, the main attraction of the update is the fully customizable Acura NSX GT3, which is exclusive to Racing Rivals.

Glu Mobile’s VP of sports and racing games, Jerome Collin, recently spoke with [a]listdaily about taking on mobile gaming at top speed. He discussed how the latest update enhanced the racing experience.

“Our latest Racing Rivals update amplifies the thrill of being behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle like never before,” said Collin. “The enhanced interface mimics real-world camera effects so players feel the adrenaline of starring in their own racing film right on their mobile device.”

Describing the Acura NSX GT3, which is exclusive to Racing Rivals, Collin said that “the Acura NSX GT3 is the ultimate street race car and a fan favorite both online and offline. Its exclusive addition to the game showcases the unique experience we’ve created: a racing club in which a test run of a dream car is a reality only a tap away.”

Collin also explained how a race car such as the Acura NSX GT3 fit in with the Hot Wheels vehicles. “Together, the two brands perfectly merge reality and fantasy to offer the best of both worlds for car lovers,” he said.

However, Racing Rivals isn’t the only high-speed game on mobile. When asked how the game stood out from the rest, Collin explained that “whether offering multiplayer matchups, which allow users to race against live opponents in real-time, or our gritty real-world street aesthetic with the chance of winning it all, Racing Rivals is designed for both the automotive enthusiast and adrenaline junkie alike.”

So, what’s Collin’s favorite car in the game? “Our selection of top cars makes it hard to select just one,” he said. “That said, I’ve always been a fan of McLaren and the 2014 12C GT3 is probably my favorite ride.”