Razer wants to help Pokémon GO players catch them all. The technology giant has launched a free RazerGO location-based chat messenger for the Nintendo and Niantic hit augmented reality game.

The free app allows users to discover and chat with fellow Pokémon trainers in a scalable radius from 3 miles (local) to 60 miles (regional) to 600 miles (global). Users can toggle between public, team or whisper chat modes and can be identifiable by team color. An upcoming feature will allow users to drop “Beacons” on the map that other players can see and interact with, unlocking a regionalized chat room.

The interface seamlessly fits into Pokémon GO on both Android and iOS platforms. A web version is available today on go.razerzone.com, while the Android and iOS versions will go live by July 25.

To support the new app, Razer is introducing guided Pokécrawls along multiple routes around RazerStore San Francisco with giveaways and special promotions at the store and online. Razer will drop Lures available to RazerGO users on hosted Pokécrawls. The Pokécrawls will commence around 6 pm PST on Wednesday, July 20.

Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer, talks about the opportunities this chat functionality opens up for Pokémon GO in this exclusive interview.

Was there any pre-planning on Razer’s part anticipating that this chat functionality would work with this augmented reality game and that it would be successful?

No, we developed RazerGO after the game launched by one of our in-house engineers to coordinate the Pokémon GO communications that he was having with our fellow co-workers. The iPhone, Android and web clients were hacked together by other in-house Razer software engineers in a matter of days.

How were you able to convert your RazerGO chat technology so quickly for Pokémon GO?

Razer is a software company and we’ve got some of the most talented software engineers in the world. While our hardware designs get a lot of attention, many aren’t aware that Razer also runs one of the biggest gaming online platforms in the world. Millions of gamers connect to our software services like Cortex and Synapse daily. Our Comms platform is already one of the world’s largest VOIP chat clients for gamers and our engineers basically hacked together a location-based chat for our internal use to discuss when lures were released or when rare Pokémon appeared.

Are you working officially with Nintendo and/or Niantic on this project?

No, this was done by us for ourselves and for the benefit of our friends and fans playing the game.

How does this app work and how flexible is it?

RazerGO provides an in-game social element to Pokémon GO. Location-based chat allows trainers in a specified region to locate and interact with each other in new ways. Essentially, it provides the social and collaborative element for trainers to work together.

How do you see RazerGO impacting the way people play Pokémon GO?

Adding an in-game social component can help create all types of new experiences. RazerGO can make in-game events like finding spawn locations of rare Pokémon more efficient and more fun. Lure modules and gym battles can attract local players in the area from the game itself, amplifying the social experience.

What eSports potential does this chat app open up for Pokémon GO?

That’s a great question and one I would direct to the game developers themselves. Razer has supported eSports since the beginning, and we are happy to find ways to support competitive gaming in any arena.

What’s the business model for this app?

We don’t have any business model for the app—basically I shared it on social media; many of the community wanted to try it out so we’re releasing it. We have no plans to monetize it.

Can you talk about Pokécrawls and how active Razer will be in this arena?

This will be a focus for us, especially at our RazerStores. We plan to do them regularly, and RazerGO fans can look for updates on our social channels.

How will Razer utilize Pokécrawls to market its San Francisco retail location?

We estimated over 2,000 Razer fans lined up for the grand opening of our RazerStore San Francisco in May. The store is packed on a daily basis with gamers, many of whom have been seen in the store playing Pokémon GO. To the extent that we may be able to do so, we plan to drop Lure Modules in the game while on walks throughout the city to attract players. We are working on the specifics with our hosted Pokécrawls and look forward to enjoying the experience with our fans. We’ll be announcing when the lures are released on RazerGO.

Can anyone set up Pokécrawls through this app?

Pokécrawls can be organized easily via RazerGO’s regional chat functionality. Additionally, we’re planning on releasing a “Beacon” function to the app. By simply dropping a Beacon anywhere on the map, users will be able to setup a micro-chat room so they can instantly rally team members for a gym assault, alert public players that a rare Pokémon have appeared, or organize Pokécrawls.