In an effort to help game developers get a better understanding of mobile gaming trends, app usage, device share and OS penetration, Unity Technologies has produced a new report, Games By the Numbers, to help break down a number of statistics.

“The global games market continues to grow, with exciting progress in emerging economies,” said John Cheng, general manager of Unity Analytics. “Unity’s dedicated to helping developers succeed, and the information provided by Unity Analytics will help mobile developers capitalize on emerging trends.”

Unity began the report by noting that Brazil, Russia, India and China account for four of the top five countries in global game installs, with a 41 percent total overall and 42 percent for Android.

The company then leads into iOS and Android install percentage across 10 countries. Across the board, Android shows dominance in most of these countries, as high as 81 percent in China, 92.5 percent in Brazil and 96 percent in Indonesia. In the US, 68 percent of installs go to Android, compared to 30.6 percent for iOS devices. Keep in mind that this data was measured by Unity-supported games, like Sky Force Reloaded.


As far as overall total game installs go, China had the highest count with 29.8 percent, followed by the US with 10.3 percent, Brazil with 4.8 percent and other countries accounting for around two-to-three percent.

Unity 2

Going into more specifics, Unity broke down top five countries with game installs by format. Up first, iOS, with a 32.7 percent lead with China, followed by 18.6 percent for the United States and nine percent for China. Other countries made up the remaining percentile of the group, but it’s clear that iOS is a big hit in China.

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Android’s 29.7 percent of its installs come from China, while 8.6 percent come from the US and 5.4 percent come from Brazil. The rest are made up of other countries.

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As far as which Android manufacturers are dominating, Samsung leads the market with 35.1 percent, while Hauwei managed to overtake Xiaomi in the global market, becoming the new second place company as a result.

What’s interesting about the report is how the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s continue to be popular devices on the market, with 28 percent of game installs. That means there’s no change from the previous Q1 report, despite the launch of new devices. Nevertheless, iOS continues to have a foothold.