EPIX has released their first interactive 360-degree experience for the network’s espionage drama Berlin Station, which is set to launch this fall.

In a Facebook Live session on [a]listdaily, both EPIX and Wirewax discussed the activation, made together with Ayzenberg and Scopic, at length about what makes the experience so unique.

“EPIX has a massive promotional plan surrounding [Berlin Station]. It is a major priority for the company,” said Shane Lindley, senior director of digital programming and product at EPIX. “It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this—across multiple touch points, really, like any other new major original series that’s being launched—from on-air promotion, in-theater promotion, magazines, television and definitely online and across all of our digital platforms.”

The experience, accessible at BerlinStation.com, drops you into a virtual reality-like experience that doesn’t require headgear to use and navigate, and thus, making it accessible for anyone.

“The reason we went for the 360 mobile-response experience would be that we wanted to hit the biggest market possible that we can,” said Lindley.

Wirewax, a company which specializes in motion-tracking technology and “touch points,” discussed how the cutting-edge tech was integrated into the site.

“You can interact with the map. You go through a transition of shortcuts to absorb yourself in this new setting. Then suddenly you’re in a plaza and this plaza is a place you recognize and you start looking around and you start thinking ‘okay, I’m in this environment now,’” said Wirewax co-founder Dan Garraway.

“This is an entirely new concept—it’s never been done before,” said Steve Callahan, CEO and co-founder of Wirewax.

According to Garraway, the EPIX activation has quickly become “a core use case in storytelling,” already inspiring potential future collaborations in utilizing the innovative technology.

“I think its loyal—helping viewers engage with messages. That’s what it’s all about.”