A List Games, the game publisher backed by Ayzenberg Group, has announced its plans to start creating evergreen, live service video game franchises and offer developers full-service publishing efforts, funding, mentoring and AAA marketing.

A List’s core team was formed following two decades of experience helping the biggest industry names bring dozens of hit titles to market including Bethesda Softworks, ArenaNet, Blizzard and Electronic Arts. From performance marketing and influencer relations to social media and localization, A List Games offers publishing resources to smaller live service games that are otherwise unobtainable.

“We publish live service games because we love building and inspiring communities. By making sure the community comes first, we can focus when, where and how we use Ayzenberg’s creative might to drive player engagement and retention, strengthening the relationships between players and game developers,” said A List Games senior vice president Steve Fowler.

Fowler, who’s also the founder of AListDaily, has been in the video game industry for over 23 years working on the marketing and publishing side.

Hell is Others and Kingshunt, A List Games’ first two multiplayer games, are tentatively scheduled to launch on PC for Steam in 2022. Hell is Others is a top-down shooter requiring players to survive, harvest and farm in a noirish, Lovecraftian world featuring a blood-fueled economy. Kingshunt is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena where players can summon fierce minions and place powerful towers.

“A List understands gaming audiences, game developers and the need to grow a game in an authentic manner. Their marketing prowess and mentorship give us the confidence that Hell is Others can be a great success,” Strelka chief executive Pietro De Grandi said in a press release.

A List Games’ ultimate goal is to grow communities, raise awareness, create and execute launch campaigns to help partners’ games rise above the crowded market.  The new live service game publisher will leverage Ayzenberg’s 250-person team, which creates for clients such as Amazon Game Studios, Blizzard, CCP, Nexon, Proletariat, Riot and Xbox.

“A List offered us much-needed experience in marketing, community building and using data to improve our game. Their commitment to helping us deliver on our creative vision and help us grow a real community around Kingshunt has been fantastic,” Teemu Jykinen, president and studio head of Vaki Games said.

Interested developers who think their game would benefit from A List Games publishing can learn more on the A List Games website or follow the company on LinkedIn.