Sometimes our daily lives on social media may seem more glamorous than they really are, and the marketing team at Bravo TV understands that.

To promote the second season of Imposters, the TV network took over a parking lot in downtown Austin this weekend with an activation called “InstaCON.” The experience serves the premise and theme of the show and is designed to accomplish what it’s set out to do—get people posting on social media and help the network promote the premiere of season two on April 5.

The activation was made to tie into the theme of the show’s main character in Maddie (Lavi), a persona-shifting con artist, and the “Bumblers,” a trio of her recent, heart-broken victims.

“The activation is designed to offer our audience an engaging live experience and unique content they’ll want to share,” Maria Laino Deluca, Bravo’s SVP of consumer and trade marketing, told AListDaily. “InstaCON was developed with the Bravo fan in mind, but the experience is eye-catching and escapist, appealing to a broad audience.”

Elaborate sets were designed to give attendees a way to make their social followers believe they are on private jets, yachts, or even staying in an ice hotel.

Bravo also added small touches within each set from the show, like the “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” shot ski.

Guests who chose to revel in the duplicity received two photos. The first was a luxurious close-up, cropped intentionally to look as though the photo is real. The second shot was a wider frame that exposed the con.

By posting the InstaCon reveal photos under the hashtag #ImpostersSweepstakes, participants could have the chance to win a real luxury vacation experience of their choice, but as of press time, not much traction could be seen on social. On Instagram, over 140 posts had been shared within the first day and just two on Twitter.