Originally published at VideoInk.

Linear viewing on traditional cable and satellite outlets is—surprise—on the decline. With an increasing amount of consumers cutting the cord for OTT options, networks have started to partner with “skinny bundle” providers in an attempt to stay relevant. Most networks have teamed up with companies like YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV and Sling, where their content is offered via a smaller, more affordable package.

Following this trend, the History Channel has made its content available on most pay OTTs including Philo, DirecTV Now and Fubo. But now the network is taking it a step further by offering its content on the free OTT service Xumo, which is home to over 100 channels.

Through a partnership with Xumo, History is bringing select award-winning short-form content to the platform that includes Minute MarvelsHistory Flashback and Bet You Didn’t Know. The new channel will also feature highlights and short-form scene lifts from some of the networks most popular series such as The Curse of Oak Island, Forged in Fire, Alone, Pawn Stars and American Pickers.

The choice to launch the channel with only short-form content is likely an attempt to appeal to younger generations that are used to consuming short two to five-minute video clips on social media (though, in recent months, many social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have pushed further into long-form content).

Xumo’s new History channel, which can be found on channel 350, provides a new means of discovery for the 23-year-old network, which, like most, is trying to stay relevant in a digital world. The lean-back experience provided by the OTT sets up a perfect opportunity for History to be found by consumers that are channel surfing through Xumo’s collection of content, which hopefully leads them to download the History Go app, subscribe to any of the networks social pages, or pay for a “Skinny Bundle” that carries the content. The new distribution outlet also presents a way for History to breathe life back into old content by placing it in front of consumers who may be unfamiliar with the network’s programming.

“We are excited to launch on Xumo as we continue our push to serve History fans on all their favorite platforms,” said Mark Garner, SVP, Distribution and Digital Content Licensing, A+E Networks (History’s parent organization). “We are confident that History’s unique brand of factual entertainment will be a hit with the growing Xumo audience.”