Although the New York Public Library mainly services its namesake city, it is also a recognizable global brand that is dedicated to the promotion of literacy. As part of this mission, the library has launched an Instagram campaign that brings classic books to the social platform for book lovers everywhere to enjoy in a new way.

“Insta Novels” uses Instagram’s Stories feature to present entire books such as Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (presented in two parts) to social media using animation and music with others including The Metamorphosis and The Yellow Wallpaper.

“We’re always looking for ways to inspire people to read more, using unlikely places to reach new audiences,” Richert Schnorr, director of digital media at the New York Public Library, told AList. “For a while, Instagram was seen as a younger platform, but I think that is changing dramatically. Our social media base has a lot of New York people, but it’s also national and global.”

Schnorr explained that the NYPL is always looking to find new ways to engage with both local and global audiences and that this campaign perfectly serves the goal of inspiring reading and lifelong learning. The campaign also encourages audiences to download the library’s SimplyE app, which lets readers borrow books from anywhere using a library card.

Although the library engages with users across multiple platforms to spread awareness of its booklists and core services, Instagram is a particularly good fit because of the institution’s visual nature, which includes iconic architecture in the heart of New York City. There’s also the benefit of upending expectations by using a fast photo sharing platform for a contemplative campaign that celebrates the written word.

Users can then decide to follow the library on social media, and perhaps discover that the institution has more to offer than books. The library also has a regular podcast and education classes.

“A campaign like this is exactly what the New York Public Library wants to be known for,” said Schnorr. “We are proud to be thinking in innovative ways, partnering with the best of the best, and always being centered around reading—inspiring reading and a lifelong learning. So, this is exactly the kind of campaign that we’ve hoped for.”