In this week’s roundup from Ayzenberg’s Ashley Otah: how brands can engage Gen Zers and the impact TikTok may have on the journalism industry.


Consumer habits and desires are rapidly changing, as noted in Snapchat’s latest report, which outlines Gen Z’s spending power, as well as how and why they consume digital content. Among the key findings, 63 percent of Gen Zers surveyed favor brands that have fair labor policies and approximately three-fourths say that they are loyal to companies that speak to social change. Also of note, a need to stay up-to-date is a big driver behind content consumption by Gen Z, with members of this generational cohort seeking content that aligns with their values and lifts their spirits. The numbers indicate that this demographic demands change—a great finding to bring into the new year.


A pair of giant Vans on wheels took to the streets of New York for the shoe manufacturer’s latest activation with popular NYC influencers in tow. The oversized replicas, designed after Van’s latest additions to their MTE collection, surprised many and gave fans and passersby alike a chance to get up close and personal, enter the shoes and even check out what the inside would feel like. The pop-up highlights the power of experiential marketing and thinking outside the (shoe) box.

Striking Findings From 2022

More Americans are getting their news on TikTok, especially a growing number of adults, according to Pew Research Center findings from this year. A third of U.S. adult TikTok users say they regularly get their news there, up 22 percent from two years ago, contrasting the steady decline in consumption documented on other platforms like Facebook—though Instagram has also seen a slight boost. This information can help brands and consumers understand the trajectory of journalism and the future of the industry.