Ayzenberg trendsetter Ashley Otah takes a look at new research that shows most of us are gamers, among other major trends this week.


Gaming—it’s for everyone. In new research from Activision Blizzard Media, 66 percent of those surveyed said they had played video games with others either online or in person. In addition, 62 percent of participants said they opted to play video games with others because it’s fun to share the experience with someone else. Lastly, 84 percent of gamers play mobile titles at least once a week, primarily because of accessibility. The key is to carve out space for brands to harness this power to fuel interaction and engagement. As gaming culture continues to boom, it helps connect people, drive communities and create positive conversations globally. 

Beats By Dre x Melody Ehsani

In a new collaboration, Beats by Dre and fashion designer Melody Ehsani transport viewers into a new world with powerful animation. The film’s mix of music and flair encapsulates what it means to be yourself while taking steps to elevate the game. The result highlights how bringing a new spin on a classic can take brands to a new level. 

YouTube Shorts

YouTube is taking Shorts to the big screen. What does that mean? Users will be able to watch the short-form videos on their smart TV, gaming console or other streaming devices. This pivot is similar to that of its counterpart, TikTok, which helped the platform reach wider audiences. The at-home viewing experience adds another dimension to the easily surfable platforms. This move showcases a mixing of mediums and, if tailored just right, can bring new life into booming ideas.