New technology is emerging on a daily basis, with the rise of mobile first consumers and younger generations existing entirely in a “always-on” world, agencies are constantly being pushed to find captivating and innovative ways to better engage with their consumers. From AR/VR to voice, from IoT to the new Snapchat shoppable lenses, find out how the best brand and agency marketers are adopting new technology to increase efficiency and challenge conventional ideas at MMS Chicago on May 23. Below we’ve outlined three trends we’re hearing about that are top of mind for retail, CPG, QSR and auto marketers.

Content And Commerce

There’s a lot happening in this space, but the latest is Snapchat’s launch of shoppable lenses, including a buy button and advertising within lenses—one of their most popular features. Similar to Instagram’s “buy now” ads, the new Snap feature has the potential to reach more than a third of Snapchat’s daily users, according to a recent Mashable article.


Agency partners say that clients are asking them what it means for marketing, and wanting to strategize ways to test it.

“More than a handful of clients are wondering how it will impact engagement with audience,” says one advisor.

According to a recent survey by Narvar, consumers use their devices for a few things, including: researching products (51 percent), adding to shopping lists (36 percent), tracking a package (30 percent), making a purchase (22 percent), providing ratings or reviews (20 percent), contacting support (18 percent) and reordering items (17 percent). One of the biggest questions is brand loyalty—will consumers ask for your brand specifically, or will they just ask for “toilet paper?” How will your brand rise to the top? And when it comes to advertising and marketing, who will incorporate brands in a non-invasive way? How do you provide a useful and interesting experience in voice?


There is a lot of potential for augmented and virtual reality. From Rebecca Minkoff’s connected store of the future with smart walls, smart mirrors in dressing rooms, etc… to Amex’s shoppable AR experience in this year’s Coachella app. In auto, Nissan has embraced the tech a few times over with Battle Test: A Nissan 360-Degree Virtual Reality Experience for the Samsung Gear VR and Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay for the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear. So far, we’ve only seen a taste of what’s in store.

Augmented reality is a growth market, and smart marketers should take note. AR & VR are the perfect platforms to create deeper engagement, fandom, and next generation product stories that illustrate how technology can win the game.

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