After consistently hitting the mark on innovative marketing, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has been named Cannes Lions’ 2022 Creative Marketer of the Year.

The accolade comes after AB InBev won 40 Cannes Lions awards across seven countries and 11 brands for its 2020/2021 work: two Grands Prix, two Titanium, nine Gold, 10 Silver and 17 Bronze Lions.

At the helm of the brewing giant’s marketing efforts is Pedro Earp, who’s served as AB InBev’s chief marketing and ZX Ventures officer for the past three years.

“We are only getting started. We will continue to focus on our consumers and customers and leverage data and innovation to deliver creative business solutions that answer real needs and drive consumer, community and commercial impact,” said Earp.

Some of the company’s noteworthy campaigns include Bavaria’s Tienda Circa in Colombia – AB InBev internal agency draftLine’s first Grand Prix—Michelob Ultra’s Contract for Change in the US—which won the PR Grand Prix and an additional eight Lions including a Titanium—and Corona’s The Match of Ages in Mexico, a project that spans over 70 years of classic moments throughout soccer history.

In a LinkedIn post, former Anheuser-Busch chief marketing officer Marcel Marcondes said, “In moments like these, the learnings are what really matter.” Here are a few of his takeaways from this chapter:

Have A Simple And Clear Strategy

“MKT, Creativity and Innovation must always be at the service of strategy. To find solutions for business and consumer problems. This is how you drive growth. Otherwise, it’s just entertainment.”

Put The People You Serve At The Center

“You may (you should) have lots of data, but we build brands for humans, not statistics. True leaders at winning organizations adjust how they work and what they do to better connect with the ones they serve. Even if they need to pivot everything.”

Have A Team That Believes In The Vision

“Experience, skills, competencies. Of course it all matters. But nothing is more important than being surrounded by people willing to give their best because they believe in what they are doing. They will grow fast.”

Cannes Lions introduced the Creative Marketer of the Year award in 1992. Past recipients include: Microsoft (2021), Apple (2019), Google (2018), Burger King (2017) and Samsung Electronics (2016).

AB InBev will be honored at the final awards show of the festival, which is set to resume in person in France this year from June 20 to 24, with digital access available to participants.