Ayzenberg junior strategist Ashley Otah surfaces the latest trends at play in the world of culture and entertainment.


AR meets IRL in this partnership activation at a Houston Texans game. The “hot wheels” inspired promotion presented by Kroger is part of The Famous Group’s in-stadium fan experiences.


What are the most important things for a brand to do in order to be influential within youth culture? Participants say being transparent, taking a stance on social issues, and hiring and involving more diverse employees at all levels.

(They also dubbed Travis Scott, Lebron James and Kanye West as the most influential people in youth culture). Read Complex’s Future of Influence report here.


Simple, sleek and extremely unique. Heinz and Wieden+Kennedy NY launch the packet roller to ensure no drop of condiment gets wasted.

Lil Nas X

The marketer of the moment is none other than Lil Nas X. He gave birth to his debut project ‘Montero” with a whirlwind of a rollout. From visuals, social impact, and a nostalgic feeling many have been missing, Lil Nas didn’t skip a beat.

Pay Transparency

The people want their pay. Long past pay discrimination, new laws in states like Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, and Rhode Island, are requiring “pay transparency” from employers.