First thing’s first. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

How are you feeling right now?

Our show today is all about turning inward and taking small steps to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves. Ayzenberg Senior Strategist and yoga instructor to, Alexa Borghi, reminds us that to do well at work, we need to be healthy and happy. And that begins with mindfulness and self-reflection.

“For any career it’s important to have your focus on personal health first.” And as Alexa notes, “There’s no time more relevant than 2020 to have this conversation.”

The conversation ranges from how her work as a yoga instructor impacts her work as a senior strategist, the books she recommends for those interested in pursuing yoga and tenets for achieving a greater awareness of our own wellbeing. Oh, and a few exercises you can start doing immediately to help combat stress.

All told, Alexa’s philosophy is something anyone can put into action: private reflection can make you a more fulfilled professional and is the first step toward increasing your general wellness.

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