This week in leadership updates, McDonald’s appoints Morgan Flatley as global chief marketing officer as Alistair Macrow steps down, Travel Nevada names Mikalee Byerman as chief marketing officer, Automation Anywhere taps Anna Rosenman as chief marketing officer, USClaims hires Haven Brady as chief marketing officer and more.

McDonald’s Elevates Morgan Flatley To Global Chief Marketing Officer

McDonald’s has named Morgan Flatley global chief marketing officer after Alistair Macrow, the company’s former global chief marketing officer, assumes the role of chief executive of the UK and Ireland division.

McDonald’s has also hired Tariq Hassan to fill Flatley’s shoes as chief marketing and digital customer experience officer for McDonald’s US.

Travel Nevada Scouts Mikalee Byerman As Chief Marketing Officer

Travel Nevada has appointed Mikalee Byerman as chief marketing officer.

Byerman joins Travel Nevada from Estipona Group, where she was vice president of strategy.

Automation Anywhere Taps Anna Rosenman As Chief Marketing Officer

Automation Anywhere has hired Anna Rosenman as chief marketing officer.

Prior, Rosenman served as Salesforce’s senior vice president of marketing.

USClaims Enlists Haven Brady As Chief Marketing Officer

USClaims has hired Haven Brady as chief marketing officer.

Brady was previously the head of digital marketing and customer acquisition for MDVIP.

RumbleOn Appoints Matthew McCartin As Chief Marketing Officer

RumbleOn has named Matthew McCartin as chief marketing officer

McCartin has held several marketing leadership roles including his most recent as Expedia Ventures – Vitalize Fitness’ brand president and chief marketing officer of digital content and ecommerce.