A look at the marketing and advertising insights we’re sharing internally for the week of May 10th, 2021.

New Balance Taps Jaden Smith, Olympian Sydney McLaughlin To Preach Impatience To Gen Z

The Drum

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic games, New Balance has launched a global campaign comprising three spots that show a group of millennial and Gen Z stars, including Jaden Smith, engaged in activities they love. The campaign, which “encourages the idea of impatience” to pursue your passions, represents the biggest quarterly media investment in the history of New Balance.

Why it matters: The campaign represents one part of New Balance’s larger plan to increase sustainability efforts. It aims to use only 100 percent renewable electricity in its operations by 2025 and plans to use 100 percent environmentally preferred leather and 50 percent recycled polyester in its apparel production.

How To Set Up A Remote Employee For Success On Day One

Harvard Business Review

James M. Citrin and Darleen DeRosa, co-authors of Leading at a Distance: Practical Lessons for Virtual Success, say that some ways to create a seamless onboarding process virtually include identifying a dedicated onboarding liaison, creating a blended series of informal and formal experiences to build community and sharing explicit guidance around norms like the company’s tone and virtual etiquette.

Why it matters: As the co-authors note, onboarding is one of the most critical drivers of employee success and what sets apart firms that do it best is that the work is intentional and doesn’t end after the first week or even the first 100 days.

We Need A Vaccination CMO


After an early surge in COVID-19 vaccine injection rates, vaccination is now in a marketing phase. Returning to normalcy depends on reaching millions of Americans who haven’t been motivated enough to get vaccinated.

Why it matters: Public health officials need to utilize the same behavioral marketing strategies that chief marketing officers do to encourage people to get vaccinated—such as highlighting the desires that align with getting vaccinated, offering incentives such as cash payments or access to exclusive events and leveraging celebrity endorsements rather than testimonials from infectious disease experts.

How Marketers Can Put Transaction Data To Work


If you want to understand what elements would effectively nudge your customer in the right direction, Stephen H. Yu, president and chief consultant at Willow Data Strategy, suggests figuring out both sides of the equation: “action” (what you, the marketer, did) and “reaction” (what recipients did in response).

Why it matters: Before analyzing customer response data, Yu notes, marketers must classify and record specific ad servers as necessary, create multi-level categories if you have diverse product lines and capture the serial count if a campaign was dropped in a series.

Hyundai Names First African American AOR Amid Increased Demands For Diversity

Marketing Dive

Hyundai Motor America has named Culture Brands its agency of record. The multi-year agreement will see Culture Brands help Hyundai engage African American audiences via marketing strategies, campaign creation and guidance on experiential, social media strategy and media buying.

Why it matters: Hyundai’s partnership with Culture Brands comes as other major agencies and groups ramp up investment in diversity and inclusion. General Motors, for example, is holding an upfront dedicated to diverse media owners on May 14 and IPG Mediabrands recently announced it will invest a minimum of 5 percent in black-owned media channels by 2023.