Taco Bell released a witty video spot, “Chasing Gold,” featuring a themed song to promote the fourth return of its limited-edition nacho fries.

The three-minute movie trailer parody follows the rise and fall of singer Zack Collins, played by Darren Criss. A notable music producer spots Collins, in an alley, who’s shown singing about his obsession with nacho fries while eating them. Despite launching a popular hit single about nacho fries his fame takes a nosedive.

Finding out that nacho fries are a limited-time item triggers the demise of Collins’ career. His manager taunts him, “Can’t you write about anything else?” to which Collins responds, “I can only write about what I love.”

In addition to the “Chasing Gold” trailer, Taco Bell created a movie poster and flyer that promotes a “Tracklist” which, instead of songs, lists various nacho fries menu items. The flyer also includes a section, “Upcoming Shows” noting that fans can purchase nacho fries at all Taco Bell locations or via Grubhub delivery.

“We’re excited to bring back such an adored menu item for our fans and, this time, fully immerse ourselves into the music space with ‘Chasing Gold.’ Our fans have come to expect these big budget trailers with every Nacho Fries launch and this time, we wanted to surprise them, adding a song as good as our Nacho Fries that they soon won’t be able to forget,” said Taco Bell chief marketing officer, Marisa Thalberg.

“Chasing Gold” marks Taco Bell’s fourth movie trailer, its tried-and-true marketing strategy for generating hype around nacho fries. In 2018, the brand first introduced nacho fries with its “Web of Fries” trailer followed by a sequel, “Web of Fries II: Franchise Wars” and then “Retrieval Trailer,” all of which feature a notable actor. “Web of Fries” alone resulted in 53 million orders of nacho fries within the first five weeks of its campaign.

Most recently, Taco Bell announced a branded experience in the form of a Taco Bell-themed hotel and resort, coming this summer.