Timberland has launched a global campaign called “Nature Needs Heroes” to further the message of its tree-planting project, “Plant The Change,” a commitment to plant 50 million trees by 2025.

As part of the campaign, the footwear and apparel company named a host of “multi-generational changemakers” as ambassadors of the “Nature Needs Heroes” campaign. Across Timberland’s site, consumers can learn more about each ambassador, who include influencers and founders who’ve made a positive difference in the world.

Timberland is also teaming up with seven partners from around the world to bring its green movement, “Plant The Change” to life. Working with TreeAid, Timberland aims to create the Great Green Wall, a line of trees across the entire width of Africa to combat climate change and famine. Additional partnerships include Smallholder Farmers Alliance, which together with Timberland, has planted 5.7 million trees in Haiti since 2010; the Japanese NGO Network which has planted over 2.6 million trees since 2001 with Timberland; and the American Forestry Association.

“We launched our creative vision a few months ago which is focused on mixing our energy of fashion and passion for nature,” Timberland’s senior marketing director for EMEA, Giorgio D’Aprile, told Marketing Week.

Purpose-driven initiatives that build upon its long-term sustainability plans have been a staple of Timberland’s marketing strategy.  In 2018, the company launched a clothing recycling program, in partnership with Community Recycling, letting US consumers recycle gently used clothing, footwear and accessories from any brand with free postage and shipping. For the last three years, Timberland has also made an effort to restore green spaces in urban areas. Last year, it created a green roof in New York, a community garden in Los Angeles and a pocket park in Chicago. Over the last few years, Timberland has created or restored over 130,000 square feet of green space and plans to extend the figure to 500,000 square feet by 2023.