Ashley Otah, Ayzenberg’s resident trendspotter, explores the use of technology in art and for social good in this roundup of what’s trending on our timelines this week.

Brooklyn Nets

Young Brooklynites share what makes their borough so special in a new mini doc commemorating the Nets’ 10th year in Brooklyn. The powerful yet punchy video featuring 10-year-old locals, the team’s first generation of born-and-bred fans, feels more like a love letter to the borough than an ad and is nothing less than an ode to a city of dreams. Home is a lot of things, but most importantly, home is Brooklyn.


Nice guys finish first with Gas, a new app that aims to spread kindness and help teens say nice things about each other in a “superlative-like” way, as individuals are given the opportunity to “gas” each other up anonymously. Although limited to a handful of states, the app is a refreshing use of social media that is making a splash. The desire for interpersonal relationships, especially community, continues as generations navigate life. This time, using apps to fill voids.

Modem x Moncler

Past, present and future intertwine in “The Extraordinary Expedition,” a multisensory journey celebrating Moncler’s legacy developed by Modem Works that transports users into a world like no other. The exhibit features sculptures, immersive sound and narrative design, as well as a series of kinetic installations highlighting defining looks from the luxury fashion house.

Previously at odds, fashion and technology have had a rocky relationship. In recent years, the two industries have been seen more as fellows than rivals, using their knowledge and expertise to craft new a new future for augmented and virtual reality and beyond.