Ayzenberg’s Ashley Otah looks at three major cultural trends this week and what they mean for brands.


When life gives you lemons. Inspired by Chipotle fans who “accidentally” fill their water cup with lemonade, Chipotle presents the “Water” Cup Candle. While it looks like their water cup, it smells like their lemonade and stirs up memories for everyone. The limited product is now sold out but showcases that the ability for brands to be agile and deeply understand their community (and their jokes) can set them apart and even strengthen brand loyalty.


Word search. Google’s newest search engine, Multisearch, could be a game changer for how people shop, use the internet and more. This advanced AI tool enables users to look for images and information beyond the exact words typed. So, it’s no longer about the total stream of keywords users are looking for but rather a more in-depth sweep that can create whole pages of results by taking an image. Comparable offerings, as seen on platforms such as Pinterest, illuminate the powerful way consumer habits are shifting. Continuing to stay abreast of these habits while infusing them with current offerings sets brands up for success.


Future of fashion. No fashion sin is too big for the new Thredup fast fashion confessional hotline. With confessionals available for everything from “I want to stop impulse buying” to “I am addicted to fast fashion,” the hotline aims to ensure that each shopper who picks up the phone leaves with knowledge and tools to equip themselves in the future. In partnership with Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson, the campaign highlights technology, fashion, and other verticals do not have to exist separately; they can tie together seamlessly.