Ashley Otah, Ayzenberg’s resident trendspotter, examines some of the most significant moves made by giants of commerce in this roundup of what’s trending on our timelines this week.


Disney is partnering up with Toronto-based Lighthouse Immersive Studios to launch a live immersive experience built around the entertainment giant’s iconic films. From “Frozen” to “Encanto,” “The Little Mermaid” and more, the exhibit will bring that Disney magic to life. Immersive brand experiences push the boundaries of lived reality, and as consumers move into a more digitally driven society, brands can work to create and deliver more meaningful and memorable experiences. Brands that utilize immersive marketing will not only drive new customer acquisition but also provide a magical experience for their audiences.


Keke Palmer can act, sing, write and direct, and now she has the platform to do it all while in charge. The actress is launching her own digital network that will showcase her multi-faceted talents while spotlighting a new generation of creators. Palmer has become well-known for her range throughout the entertainment industry, so much so that people can’t wait to see what she does next. Her work keeps rolling in, and the next step is to bring others along on the journey. KeyTV is coming to screens near and far and highlights one-stop shops for all things people love are still booming business.


McDonald’s is reimagining its iconic Happy Meals as nostalgic items for adults and bringing back the Halloween Happy Meal favorite. For a limited time, consumers can snag these blast-from-the-past items and enjoy them in real time. This marketing move by the fast food chain intertwines drop culture and nostalgia in a way that appeals to fans and new customers alike. Nostalgia is a powerful tool that has sparked entire industries, and now it’s creating a new space paired with drop culture. If done correctly, the two can be one of the most effective ways to connect emotionally with audiences.