Ashley Otah, Ayzenberg’s resident trendspotter, digs into what’s trending on our timelines this week.


Gym. Sets. Shower. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat. With the launch of its first physical store, an 18,000-square foot space in London, online athleisure and fitness brand Gymshark aims to become the go-to place for the fitness novice and expert looking for clothing, exercising and community. A standout element of the experience: in-store mannequins that reflect real brand ambassadors and highlight body types and varying abilities. 

That, in itself, should not be applauded, however, as inclusivity and accessibility should never be an afterthought. Gymshark’s mission to provide comprehensive content and experiences to people all over the globe continues as they meet fans where they are, as they are.  


Gucci’s newest creative endeavor is Gucci Vault, a collaborative partnership with The Sandbox, a virtual world where players can build, own and sell their gaming experiences and elements. For a short time, players will be able to explore the past, present and future in quests to capture Gucci Vault Boxes, unlocking raffle entries and digital collectibles. In addition to the event, Gucci is launching its first voxel digital collectibles. These unexpected partnerships and drops will continue to grow as the line between industries become more entangled.  

Call of Duty 

Known for massive and creative out-of-home (OOH) ads, Piccadilly Circus is a scene to behold. Most recently, however, Call of Duty took it over with its latest campaign like never before. As OOH makes a massive comeback into our everyday lives, it’s a continued reminder that outdoor advertising is not a medium to be ignored. With OOH expected to expand, this is a continued trend to watch and enjoy.