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Live-streaming is one of the hottest topics in web video; but while services such as Meerkat and the Twitter-owned Periscope command most of the attention right now, it should be noted that user-generated live-streaming has been happening on the web for quite some time now.

Case in point: YouNow, which has been around since 2012. Unlike its newest competitors, YouNow is also able to help its creators generate revenue, with some high-end talent earning as much as $10,000 per month on the platform. Overall, the company says $1 million per month flow through its service every month, and it’s working with online stars such as singer Shawn Mendes and Vine comedian Andrew Bachelor (King Bach).

We sat down with YouNow founder Adi Sideman to talk about YouNow, the growing live-streaming business, and how it helps creators “broadcast” to their fans.

What was the original inspiration behind YouNow?

To create a community and make a new entertainment platform available. The goal was to create a true interactive TV experience; a place where people could share their thoughts and talents, and express themselves.

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