When watching video content online, you’ll usually have to deal with advertising. However, it seems that more people remember said advertising when they come from mobile devices.

A study from IPG Media Lab and digital video advertiser YuMe indicates that a majority of people who watch these ads remember them the most when they watch them from their tablet devices. According to the report, 57 percent remember these ads on tablet devices, compared to 49 percent on smartphone, 47 percent on computer, and 45 percent on TV.

This came from a study of roughly 8,300 users, analyzing their viewing habits during the most likely time of day that they would watch video. They were later followed up with webcam interviews, asking about the results of the study.

As far as the reason why more people would remember the ads on tablets, the report indicated it was because that’s when they relax, watching programs at home.

You can learn more about the report at the link below.

Source: GigaOm