[a]list Games has received $9.3 million in a second round of seed funding from parent company The Ayzenberg Group (the same company which operates the [a]list daily newsletter you’re reading now). This additional capital positions [a]list game “it to pursue partnerships with makers of high-end digital games, especially in the fast growth category of premium free-to-play PC, tablet and mobile games.”

For those interested, [a]list games will also be attending the developer-publisher pairing event Game Connection Europe in Paris December 6-8, 2011.

The company was launched in early 2011 to help developers in an increasingly competitive digital game marketplace by considering funding and executing their advertising, public relations and marketing programs in return for a share of revenue.

“There is a major shift in the game industry as developers move from traditional retail games to digital, many of them with a legacy of making hits,” said Steve Fowler, co-founder and GM of [a]list games.  “This is showing a trend towards digital games that rival anything sold in stores in production quality and game play depth.  It’s also leading to greater competition to draw bigger audiences.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity for us,” said Eric Ayzenberg, Chief Strategist and Chief Creative Officer of Ayzenberg Group.  “We are introducing new integrated creative and marketing techniques that draw upon everything we have learned in 18 years of marketing games.”