[a]list games has launched in order to offer digital developers funding to find their audience online. They will look to identify up and coming digital games and create marketing campaigns tailored specifically for them.

“Game makers that partner with [a]list games can expect everything and more than what they would get in a marketing plan from a big game company,” said Steve Fowler, GM of [a]list games. “We invest in their game and make an upfront commitment on the marketing spend, and we stretch the budget with access to many essential services at-cost. We don t require the prerequisites that bog down big company deals. We end up as a fully invested partner whose success is simply tied to the game s success, and ultimately that of the developer.”

“Strategy Analytics recently forecasted that the online and digitally distributed game market worldwide will nearly double to $24.8 billion by 2013. Despite this, there are still many titles that might not generate the awareness they deserve without the right marketing push.”

“The void we’re filling is one left by traditional game publishers,” said Fowler. “Even as some of the largest companies in the game industry scramble resources and capital to readjust to the changing market, they’re attempting to steer massive operations built over decades to move in one direction marketing and selling packaged goods. There is a clear disconnect in the marketplace today. Why else would you have an audience for digital and mobile games that has literally exploded in the past two years, but where success stories for the category still read like lightening-in-a-bottle scenarios?”

Find out more about this Ayzenberg Group initiative at http://www.alistgames.net/. [a]list games will also be at the GDC Game Connection event at West Hall in the Moscone Center.