Not to be outdone by the likes of OUYA and the GameStick, Amazon could be getting into the Android console business.

A report from Game Informer has indicated that the company is hard at work on a Qualcomm-powered Android machine, one that would run apps off the Google Play site with ease. The system is reportedly being prepared for the holiday shopping season, and would come with its own dedicated controller, as well as access to online digital games sold through the Amazon website.

The system’s technology would run through a Qualcomm MPQ chip, according to a reliable source. This is the same Snapdragon processor that’s built into smart TV and set-top boxes, which could very well make other services available to the system. Lab126, a Cupertino-based experimental hardware division that worked on the company’s Kindle Fire tablet line-up, is supposedly working on the design.

Amazon hasn’t confirmed the details just yet, so, for now, it’s just a rumor.