We’ve seen a lot of high tech gizmos make their way to Indiegogo, but the proposed TouchPico could easily take the cake, especially for Android users.

The device, which recently launched its crowdfunding program, was originally announced earlier in the year at the Consumer Electronics Show. With it, users can utilize its projector to show an image on a nearby wall, and then use a flat surface to act as its touch-screen. How’s it do this By using a camera that is built in, capturing your motions and mimicking them onto the projected image.

Even though it does require a stylus in order to mimic said actions onto the large projection, it’s still an interesting technology that could do wonders for business presentations and other uses.

As with any Indiegogo program, there are several investments users can make. They can purchase their own TouchPico unit for $309 (as part of a Special Early Pricing perk), or simply make a $10 pledge to help provide one of the devices for use in a classroom. There are also separate perks for buying two units, as well as distributor and development samples.

One other advantage to the TouchPico is that it’s portable. The device is about the same size as a larger mobile phone, but with only a slight bit more weight than the Samsung S4 model. That makes it convenient to carry around and use for business presentations, without needing any sort of elaborate set-up (or enormous briefcase to carry it around in).

TouchPico can also be used for other Android purposes, such as watching movies with family and friends or playing games on the go, including a number of given titles in the Google Play library.

Best of all, it looks like production on the device will happen. With still just under a month to go in the campaign, it’s already cleared its $55,000 goal by nearly one and a half times, with a total of $74,880 raised thus far. The final unit is expected to hit retail in October 2014, barring any development snags.

Source: Indiegogo