Apple CEO Tim Cook recently noted during a shareholders meeting that during the past year the company grew by millions more than even its prominent competitors Google, Microsoft, and RIM. He did stress that his company isn’t ignoring offerings from Samsung and Android and that it is not choosing device escalation on purpose.

“We’re not constraining our investment in R&D by a desire to grow a cash pile. We stay very focused and work on a few things,” Cook said, according to a transcript. “The real market share numbers are hard to come by. … It is clear that Android is on a lot of phones … it is probably true that iOS is on a lot more tablets …. Success is not making the most. … Where market share is important (is in being big enough to attract an ecosystem) …. We’re really aware of the competition as well. We don’t have our heads stuck up … stuck in the sand. …. There’s a button or two we could press to make the most …. That would not be good for Apple.”

Cook dismissed criticism of cannibalizing iPad sales with the iPad Mini, saying, “If we don’t cannibalize, someone else will. We take a long view,” before adding about innovation, “Obviously we’re looking at new categories — we don’t talk about them, but we’re looking at them.”

Source: CNBC