According to data from, Apple’s videos were only shared a little over 183,000 times over the last year, while Samsung’s videos reached 2.37 million shares and even Microsoft saw 1.36 million shares in the same period. In fairness, both Samsung and Microsoft spend more on their campaigns than Apple, with Apple buying $1 billion in ads, Microsoft $1.6 billion and Samsung spending $4.32 billion.

Campaigns like Samsung’s ads which lampooned Apple customers and Microsoft’s ad which appealed to the 90’s sensibilities of today’s 20-somethings both saw a lot of success on YouTube and generated a lot of these shares and this success. Apple has maintained the same clean clear style of ad that has become a trademark of the Apple brand – but it’s not the interesting or funny sort of video that people feel compelled to share.

Games are increasingly being marketed with videos, usually taking the form of a trailer with in-game assets. Marketers might get more attention with live-action (such as the latest Sony Greatness Awaits video) or using other elements such as humor. Especially when game videos are being enjoyed primarily on the Internet rather than used as TV commercials, game marketers need to create videos with an eye to virality. Will Apple start thinking along the same lines?

Source: Mashable