Apple just found a way to make its iAd service a bit more enticing – and convenient – for marketers.

The company has announced that it has opened up a new automated purchasing program for mobile advertising – and with that, it’s also opened up new possibilities through its “move into programmatic channels,” according to 9 To 5 Mac.

Through the deal, Apple will partner with a variety of “demand-side platforms (or DSP’s for short) and ad tech companies,” including the likes of Accordant Media, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, GET IT Mobile, Adelphic and AdRoll.

With this move, Apple will be able to expand its iAd service worldwide, to over 100 different countries, for the first time ever. The company had expanded before to a reach of 95 countries, but have now added more crucial markets to the mix, including Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Grenada, India, Trinidad and Tobago.

With the deal, iAd’s API enables partners to use whatever systems they please to set up certain campaigns across Apple devices, as well as placing bids for ads based upon viewing analytic data, amongst other information.

The iAd program currently supports a number of mobile apps on its devices, enabling advertising with ease across each supported countries, along with iTunes Radio in the United States and Australia (as those are the only two countries that have the streaming service at this time).

“With marketing budgets rapidly shifting towards programmatic, and apps representing the dominant channel of media consumption on mobile devices, iAd brings a powerful combination of global scale, unique and rich data, and a high-quality user experience,” said Ari Buchalter, MediaMath’s Chief Operating Officer.

It’ll be interesting to see what companies hop on board the iAd program over the next few months, leading into what will no doubt be a strong 2015 season. And Apple is likely to expand even further from there.