While Apple isn’t making it a requirement to update apps that were available for iOS 6 to be optimized for iOS 7, the difference in look between versions will be abundantly clear. A number of features of the operating system have been altered in the change to version 7, and these changes will clearly be reflected in apps that are upgraded to meet the specifications of the new operating system.

The difference between an optimized app and an un-optimized app will be comparable to having a non-Retina app running on the Retina display, according to app developer Entropy Labs. In other words, an un-optimized app will look clunky. For games this won’t be as much of an issue since usually much of the interface for games is down within the game’s style. Still, the app icon may be an issue, and developers will want to look at some of Apple’s apps for design cues. Before the release of iOS 7 sometime this fall developers should make sure their apps are ready both design-wise and functionally.

Game developers will want to add support for game controllers (where applicable) through Apple’s new controller API. With some 1500 new APIs introduced by Apple for iOS7, it will take some time to determine which ones developers need to use in a particular app. It’s going to be a busy summer for app developers.