Some people think that gaming in the very near future will be defined by cloud computing, where services will be available across multiple devices. Appy Entertainment intended to be on the forefront of this brave new gaming landscape.

Our team has deep roots in the console industry, having built High Moon Studios (now an Activision-Blizzard studio), writes Chris Ulm CEO Appy Entertainment, Inc. We’ve developed on console systems from the Atari 2600 (yes, really) and we’ve built everything from character based adventure games like Abe s Oddysee, to fighting games like Ready2Rumble boxing, multi-player first person shooters like Darkwatch and third person action games such as The Bourne Conspiracy. We ‘get’ console games, and with 4.5 million downloads across our three apps, FaceFighter, Zombie Pizza and Tune Runner, we know a bit about the App Store as well.

He notes that not only are the PS3 and Xbox 360 competing for control of the living room, soon Google TV and Apple TV will be transferring their mobile OS programs to television as well. They will continue to expand and try to take their momentum from the mobile sphere and transfer it to a television set up.

App TV will become the dominant disruptive gaming force because it will be convenient, cheap and integrated choice, allowing both internet access as well as subsidized native and cloud gaming in a TV centric environment, writes Ulm. App based gaming will be cheaper and ‘good enough’ for the majority of people and it will be the operating system which sits on top of existing console and cable boxes, so non-enthusiast consumers will not feel that they have to choose. But when the next wave of consoles comes to market, many of them may be less inclined to buy an expensive specialty box with costly purpose-built titles when they are drowning in low cost cloud based and native alternatives.

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