While social and viral marketing has certainly changed the face of advertising, there hasn’t been a major evolution in quite some time. Yahoo!, however, has just launched what it calls the “Living Ad” with its first partner Toyota. The ads blend compelling video and photography with interactivity, personalization, and customization – sounds like it would be right up any gamer’s alley doesn’t it

“What TV does best is the branding aspect, it engages me, it gets me aware. But then what online does well is . . . it lets me build a preference and drive some action,” said Alex Linde, Yahoo’s director of mobile and tablet advertising. “If I was to take an interactive TV ad and put it into a magazine, that would be a phenomenal advertiser experience.”

“This is like the Harry Potter newspapers. The people in those newspaper are alive,” he said. “That’s kind of the feel that we’re going for.”

Linde added that a study comparing the living ad to regular static ads indicated readers were 78 percent more likely to want to interact with the ad and twice as likely to spend more time with the ad. 24 percent of the readers also had a higher opinion of the brand because of the living ad and were more likely to talk about it. Purchase intent also increased significantly, from 2 percent for static ads to 16 percent of the living ads.

Game marketers, get on this!

Source: Adweek