When it comes to mobile advertising, some companies are certainly grasping onto popular trends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all in with some form of strategy.

Mediapost recently reported that, according to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and its most recently study, only 17 percent of marketers polled in the study believe that their mobile strategies are fully integrated and aligned with overall marketing strategies. In the same poll, 31 percent stated that they don’t have a strategy in place, or believe that mobile is best viewed as a campaign, rather than a general strategy.

The study, conducted in partnership with SAS, also revealed that 61 percent of marketers surveyed did use some form of mobile engagement, while 54 percent of respondents believe that mobile channels are a critical part to customer interaction, as well as retention and brand differentiation. However, in general, marketers just don’t have that grasp yet on how to incorporate mobile into an overall strategy.

Some simply believe it’s not a crucial part of a campaign. 48 percent believe that mobile isn’t big enough to be part of marketing and engagement strategies, while 28 percent believe it’s more suited for campaign purposes, and not strategy. 24 percent feel that mobile overall is quite confusing, and hard to approach.

Some still believe mobile is a key part to an overall business solution, but only 10 percent of those feel it’s just a campaign, and 7 percent are confused with it overall. That said, 57 percent believe it’s a valued channel when it comes to consumer outreach.

Eventually, marketers may adapt to ideas that are better suited for the mobile market, but, for now, it appears that the idea of putting together a sound strategy over accepting general campaign terms just isn’t highly accepted yet. However, with the way certain trends are growing – particularly with revenue – that could change sooner rather than later.