Writing for iMedia Connection, Ayzenberg director of strategic development Simon Ward looks at four areas where organizations need to focus to truly adopt agile marketing and see its benefits in their campaigns.

Writes Ward, “The world of marketing is moving toward a “converged media” model, otherwise known as the coming together of earned, owned, and paid media strategy into a comprehensive approach. For years, many have discussed this integrated marketing approach, and this is now finally accelerating with the digital and social consumer, particularly for brands that target Millenials (or “Gen Y”). We now accept that “Generation Now” wants to collaborate, share, and even co-create content. And they want to do it now, in real-time. Brands that tap into this rather than simply transmitting messages, for instance, with one-way traditional advertising, are today’s winners.”

“Agile marketing practices, such as daily scrum meetings that dictate closer cross-departmental work methods and accountability across different stakeholders, bring the silos closer together to make converged media happen, with digital and social working as one. The teams can then generate real-time data across media types that, with the right analytics and processes in place, lead to ongoing TLC loops evaluating the data, iterating again on tactics, and ultimately generating better results.”

“Assuming most if not all marketers believe this, why’s it so hard The main reason is silos. They exist between digital and other departments, and they even exist within digital teams.”

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