Last year, Bethesda found some good traction with its community through the debut of its own press conference, highlighting games like Doom and Dishonored 2, amongst a handful of others. This year, however, it decided to go all out with yet another showcase, this one focusing more on its fans with a fun get-together following a night of highly anticipated reveals.

The company first ushered people into the L.A. Hangar, where bags of popcorn and bottled water were waiting. Then, the company began its presentation, where it showcased a number of forthcoming games like Quake Champions and Prey, as well as content for its established hits like Fallout 4 and Doom.

Following that, however, the publisher made good on its promise with a big after-party, featuring turkey legs, drinks and other snacks for attendees to enjoy, as well as the opportunity to check out its Bethesda VR properties (including Fallout 4, announced for 2017) as well as a first hands-on with Quake Champions.

Closing out the night was rock band Blink 182, which performed a who’s who of its best songs for fans, sending them home happy as they picked up collectible shirts on the way out.

This year was a noticeable difference in terms of Bethesda doing more for its community, as 2015’s presentation was held at the Dolby Theater with no post-show to speak of, whereas the Hangar provided more room for attendees to sit, as well as a handful of goodies, from food to collectible gear. The chance to go hands-on with a number of its forthcoming hits also gave fans the chance to see their work in action, well before their estimated release date.

Of course, Bethesda has always been a publisher about the community, as its yearly QuakeCon event (set to take place this year in Austin this August) draws thousands of both devoted PC players and regular fans that come to see the best that the company has to offer. This year, both Prey and Quake Champions are expected to be tremendous draws, amongst other titles like the multiplayer-oriented Battlecry and the downloadable content for Fallout 4 and Doom.

Bethesda has definitely shown progress with its E3 showcase – and next year is likely to be even better.