A lot of people invaded stores on Thursday night for Black Friday deals, but that didn’t stop others from doing their shopping online. In fact, the audience is bigger than ever before.

IBM’s Benchmark reporting has revealed that the record-breaking numbers topped last year’s with ease, researching over 800 online retailers and millions of transactions.

Mobile traffic grew to 39.7 percent of all online traffic, which is a 34 percent pick-up from 2012’s numbers. The general order value was $135.27, which is about a 2.2 percent year-after-year increase.

Mobile sales also played a huge part in the online numbers, with 21.8 percent of total online sales in all, a 43 percent rise from the previous year.

Smartphones led the charge in online traffic, with 24.9 percent accounted for, while tablets came in close behind at 14.2 percent. Those who used iPads and Galaxy Tabs as their shopping choice spent about $135.72 per order, compared to smartphone users spending $115.63.

iOS users seemed to spend a little more than Android users as well. Those who prefer iPhone and iPad ended up spending $127.92 per order, while Android shoppers went around $105.20 for their purchases. iOS traffic sat at 28.2 percent of online traffic, while Android was in a slightly distant second with 11.4 percent.

It looks like some people definitely knew how to avoid stores this year.

Source: TechCrunch