BulkyPix announced that they are putting $3 million towards independent studios. The aim of this project is to provide three years of support for the development of multi-platform games developed by independent studios.

“We are very pleased to announce the creation of this budget,” says BulkyPix CEO Olivier Pierre. “Ever since its creation, BulkyPix has successfully supported the creation of numerous video games by taking part in co-productions alongside  studios such as: Mando Production (Babel Running and Babel Rising), Pixel Ratio (Aby Escape), Egg Ball (Jazz, The Pirate King, A Moon for the Sky), cTools (Kung Fu Rabbit), and Pastagames (Pix’N Love, Burn It All). This budget will allow us to reinforce that investment in independent production”.

“The future of video gaming lies with independent studios. It is here – and only here – that you can find creativity, innovation and fun in its purest form,” adds BulkyPix COO Vincent Dondaine. “That is the kind of creation we want to support – by giving indie developers around the world the means to express themselves.”