Coca-Cola says it’s the sugary beverage that “adds life.” For a promotional campaign in Israel, the brand launched an effort where it seems to copy life. The campaign let select fans get a customized 3D-printed miniature of themselves in order to promote the launch of Coca-Cola miniature bottles in Israel. Coke set up a lab inside the company’s Israeli factory, where it used a full-body scanner and 3D printer to capture and recreate peoples’ likenesses.

Of course, this wasn’t available to just anyone.  First people had to download an app and create a mini-me, then be among the lucky winners selected by Coke.  It’s a novel and memorable campaign that generated a lot of interest. It’s certainly a long-lasting memory for the ones lucky enough to be chosen.

From a game marketing standpoint, it builds on what game marketers have been doing for years with offering campaigns where fans can get their likenesses featured in games.  Rockstar was the latest to launch a campaign like this for GTA V. Perhaps the next one will take a page from Coke’s effort and make it less virtual.