When Crash Bandicoot first debuted back in the 90’s for the original PlayStation, he became a cultural phenomenon, especially with an ad campaign that featured a guy in a Crash suit “invading” Nintendo headquarters. He’s since gone on to star in several Sony-branded games before eventually moving on to Activision and multi-console success.

Since then, though, we haven’t heard much from the mascot – though he could be due for a comeback. Activision recently took down its official Crash Bandicoot website this past week, including all mentions of its web properties. Meanwhile, in a recent ad for the PlayStation 4, a small, Easter egg-like image of Crash appeared on one of the signs on the street.

Could we very well be seeing the return of Crash to PlayStation territory Neither Sony or Activision are commenting on the matter, but considering Sony is entering a “fresh” new gaming arena with its recently released PlayStation 4, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see his return.

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