To some, Reddit can be the most dangerous place to launch a marketing campaign, if only because of its avid fan base and how quickly negative feedback can pour in from it. That said, there could be some effectiveness found from it, provided it’s done the right way. 

Here are some examples of how marketing has created victories for companies, big and small, on Reddit.


HD camera manufacturer GoPro has also found its share of success on Reddit, and not just with posting videos that go viral after several million views. “Most of (our) threads are positive forums ranging from highly sophisticated exchanges between professional filmmakers to enthusiasts sharing tips and tricks with new users,” said Kelly Baker, marketing rep for GoPro, speaking with AdWeek. She also noted the success behind certain examples, stating, “Because users find the information in such an intimate environment subreddits can consist of small groups they are much more likely to adopt the info as their own. They’ll then carry the idea as their own to Facebook, Twitter and the bar. So landing something on Reddit is huge for a brand because you capture these advocates.”

Fat Tire

New Belgium Brewing, the creators of Fat Tire beer, opted to make a Reddit-specific program where users could take part in a Photoshop challenge. The goal was to create spectacular imagery within the community, which would them be shared on the company’s Twitter account, as well as its Fat Tire Experience Website. The campaign was a huge success, drawing in more than 49 million impressions and 73,000 clicks, based on letting users build their own experiences, rather than having them be explained to them. The “Photoshop battle,” as it was deemed, also inspired the community manager to use a number of the ideas for the company’s advertising.


Marriott already has plenty of ingenuity in its advertising, particularly with virtual reality. However, it tried its luck on Reddit, asking users to suggest why their hometown would be an ideal locale for its “Virtual Travel Experience.” Out of the hundreds of entrants, ten were selected, but the hotel chain opted to let the community vote for the winner, who would receive a “Teleportation Party” and an actual trip. The campaign drew 193,000 clicks on its contest page, and became the site’s highest user-generated content for sponsored posts. 

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Demonstrating the power of Reddit for companies both big and small, an eCommerce start-up called Beardbrand has managed to make $120,000 monthly through its Reddit marketing, proving to be more effective than other campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. The company got off to a good start with its program last year, posting a detailed guide to building a brand, gaining a great deal of positive feedback as a result.

Taking an honest approach and offering a level of interactivity really pays off for companies and if more follow suit, Reddit could be an ideal place to promote products and find success. With the right approach, of course.