Barely two-year old game news outlet Crispy Gamer has effectively shut down its editorial department. Joystiq reports that the site s entire editorial staff has been laid off. CEO Chris Heldman has also resigned in protest. The staff affected reads like a roster of game journalism stalwarts, including former Joystiq staffer Kyle Orland and consumer press connected writers Scott Jones and Evan Narcisse. Others include managing editor Elise Vogel, chief marketing officer Anne Mischler, and staffers John Teti, Ryan Kuo, James Fudge. Crispy Gamer co-founder John Keefer had left the site last September to join game blog GamePolitics. Crispy Gamer had acquired internet game community site GamerDNA in December.  GamerDNA head Jon Radoff had commented at the time that the union was part of very ambitious plans to build a media company around the gaming market. Joystiq says the layoffs likely show that an editorial component is not part of the media mix. The site adds that Radoff was not aware of the staff cuts when he was contacted for comment. Read more at Joystiq.