The popular Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG is six years old today, and it’s been a wild ride for them. The biggest jump came when they took the leap into free-to-play, and the game has reached a large new audience with that move.

Game update 13: Web of Chaos launches today, leading up to the expansion’s June 25 debut.

Not only does Menace of the Underdark introduce players to the popular Forgotten Realms setting, it introduces a new class — the Druid — and sees players delving into one of the greatest pen-and-paper RPG dungeons of all-time, the spider-infested Underdark.

The expansion features three new adventure packs, taking players into the Realms, leading them to the Underdark, and then plunging them into the Demonweb, where the Drow spider goddess Lolth likes to hang out. Hopefully their new Druid friends and the five-level cap increase (ding, 25!) will help them survive.

Thanks to Kotaku.