Hidden Path Entertainment has announced that Steven Dengler will help fund the final parts of developing Defense Grid 2. This angel investment was done via his company Dracogen and is the latest game project he’s helped out with, which has included Torment: Tides of Numenera, Project Eternity, and Super Pixel Brothers.

“I don’t have rights, and I am not a publisher,” said Dengler. “I did smaller financings for fun. But I see that the thing that is broken in the industry is that publishers want your soul. Self-publishing has to become a better option. Jeff [Pobst, chief executive of Hidden Path] didn’t have to twist my arm. I’m not in this to make my fortune. This gets a game out there that people want to play. I don’t want to own part of the company. I want to help make a game.”

“We are going to change this industry, one awesome game at a time. Developers are going to make most of the money from their own games,” he later tweeted.

Source: GamesBeat