Deus Ex is one of the most acclaimed games of all time, some even asserting it is the greatest PC title ever created. According to Deus Ex: Human Revolution narrative designer and lead writer Mary DeMarle, the recent sequel is set to live up to the lofty standards set by the first game.

“I think it does [live up to the original], yes,” said DeMarle. “It’s funny because it’s a story that takes place in the Deus Ex universe with a new story and new characters, so it touches and hints of those other characters that will come into play in the 25 years, but for the most part we’re creating something new and original, which gives us some flexibility.”

“But in terms of the overall feeling and sense of wanting to play someone who is vitally important in uncovering this conspiracy I think we stay true to the Deus Ex tenants, she added.

Source: CVG